Cockroach milk is packed full of nutrients, research finds

Due to infestations of cockroaches to Australian homes, looking for ways to control cockroaches has become a concern for homeowners. Certain cockroaches are difficult to control because of its life cycle that allows them to produce in shorter period than other kinds of roaches. They also adapt most easily to the poisons used to control it, making complete eradication of infestations difficult.

Cockroach milk is packed full of nutrients, research finds.

If you live in an apartment where multiple families occupy in it, it is more likely that your place has so many cockroaches living in it. Moreover, frequent moving also increases the chances of cockroach infestation. The roaches arrive in the packing boxes either as adults or as encapsulated eggs and within six months can infest an entire building. Also, multi-family dwellings are also more difficult to monitor since the most effective form of cockroach control is sanitary living conditions.

When you know that your place is invested by cockroaches, you need to keep your food as well as your pet’s food closed at all times as roaches will eat anything. They also need water and often appear in a sink drain that may be dripping or leaking. You also should not leave your dirty dishes in the sink as it will invite roaches.

There are ways to control these pests. Among the more popular methods are baits, powder dusts, sprays, and traps. The cleverly marketed roach habitat is still regularly stocked on the shelves in grocery, hardware, drug, and convenience stores. Another type of bait is the pheromone trap, which attracts roaches with odour.

While cockroaches are often regarded as a disturbing and disgusting creator, scientists discovered that their milk could be the source of the next super food. According to a report published by Perth Now, researches indicate that cockroach milk is packed of full nutrients.

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