Six traits of an ethical leader

If you want to transform your business into a reputable professional association, you need to require your members to live up to a specific, code of ethics. These are generally industry – specific, but nearly all include language about honesty, integrity, service, fairness, etc.

As the owner as a small business, you are the leader of your team. Hence, you should live up to highest ethical standards, and shouldn’t real leadership, be predominantly about service, integrity, and the constituents’ best interests. You don’t have to be only good at marketing or finance, but you also have to be ethical.

Just as there are ethical business practices and ethical behaviour in general, ethical leadership must also be considered. This pertains to any type of leader whether you are a leader in your church, in a civic group, or in business, such as a network marketer with a down line that needs leadership. No matter what capacity you are a leader, you must learn about ethical leadership.

Ethical leadership means keeping the lines of communication between you and those that you are leading open and strong. All the employees you are leading should feel that they can come to you to discuss any problems that they may be having concerning the job at hand, at the very least. In addition to that, ethical leadership means that the leader never gossips about other members of the group, or shares any private information about them with others.

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